Workplace Yoga

yoga instruction at your workplaceDeliver the benefits of yoga to your workplace with on-site yoga classes. Employees will increase physical steadiness, strength and flexibility, focus and clarity, and reduce stress and tension with onsite yoga. Opt for regularly scheduled classes, employee appreciation or team building workshops on topics such as stress reduction or workplace body alignment.

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Why Workplace Yoga?

  • Stress caused by lack of balance between work and personal lives: Yoga helps to foster skills of calming the mind, staying present, and enhancing body-mind connection and overall vitality.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries caused by long hours performing repetitive tasks: Yoga helps to improve circulation to extremities, and stretching the muscles surrounding the wrists.
  • Headaches caused by long working hours sitting in a hunched position: Yoga helps to facilitate healthier breathing patterns by opening the chest and lungs and improving flexibility in the spine.
  • Lethargy caused by long hours in sedentary positions with lack of natural lighting or ventilation: Yoga helps to stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body and to the brain, improving mood and mental clarity.

Locations for Employee Yoga

  • Conference room
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Large office
  • Lunchroom/cafeteria
  • Rooftop deck (seasonally)

Employees need time to relax and experience a mental and physical break from the workday. That’s why more and more employers are gravitating towards offering yoga as a way to manage stress and rejuvenate their employees’ health and well-being.”