Private Yoga Classes

private yoga classes in northern vaEveryday Yoga offers private and small group yoga sessions to explore, shape and/or deepen your yoga practice in a dedicated space – whether in your home, my home or other ideal space.

Why Opt for Private Sessions?

  • New to Yoga? Individualized sessions introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga postures and breathing techniques, selecting postures which meet your specific needs, offering hands on adjustments to ensure that you develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice.
  • Pregnant? A more personalized approach yoga can be beneficial for pregnancy to adapt poses for a growing pregnancy and changing body and life.
  • Deepening your practice? Develop a customized practice and explore specific areas of interest – restorative, strength, flexibility, body alignment, breathing, relaxation, mastering more advanced postures, or developing your home practice. Meditation coaching to help you become “present” in your life.
  • Injuries or special needs? A personalized yoga session tailored to your needs providing guidance on how to adapt your yoga within a class or home. Osteroporois, carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injuries, workplace body alignment, focus and clarity and body mind presence.
  • Convenient yoga? Yoga that comes to where you are can make practice more doable and enjoyable. Why fight traffic or inconvenient class schedules?
  • Gift idea? Private classes make great gifts and are also fun for friends, bachelor, bachelorette, anniversary or birthday or office parties.
  • Yoga for small groups? Private classes are available for 1-4 people.

Rates for Private Yoga Sessions

Private classes can be arranged in increments of 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Fees for private, individual or small group sessions can range from $75-$150/session. Discounts on multiple sessions. Rates may also depend on your proximity to Arlington. Contactor call 703-975-3816 for more details.

I would love to do Linda’s personal yoga session everyday, they are relaxing, healing and energizing. She skillfully guides me on an inward journey where the art of letting go helps bring about deep relaxation. Her techniques heal, cleanse and massage my whole being so at the end I feel transformed. She encourages in a soothing manner to reach my potential in the physical asanas, adapts to my needs of the session, and shares her wonderful positive energy generously. Namaste, Marel”