Everyday Yoga classes begin with centering and relaxing the mind and body with breathing techniques leading into warm up movements and then into a sequence of postures, ending with yoga style relaxation. Postures are led to cultivate more nurturing and sensitive body awareness and a quieter mind whereby an ease evolves, tension releases, and strength and flexibility grows. Yoga props are used to cultivate stability and greater accessibility within poses.

Classes are tailored for a range of yoga ability and interest and are designed to be supportive and noncompetitive. Classes range from 60-75 minutes and offered throughout year in Arlington and surrounding vicinity. Venues can vary: community house, apartment complex, church, workplace, school, special event, or conference.
To organize a class or workshop, contact Everyday Yoga.

Mindful Flow

Yoga classes in Northern va
A multi-level class blending a variety of classical yoga asanas (postures) designed to lengthen, strengthen, and condition the major joints and muscles groups, and harmonize the mind-body-breath. Explorations include some inversions, backbends and balancing postures. This class is designed for all levels wishing to broaden and deepen their practice.

Gentle Yoga

Suitable for any level student who desires a more gently paced class. Ideal for beginners, seniors, or students regardless of age, size, flexibility or previous surgeries.* Come learn techniques to help gain flexibility, while immersed in a relaxing class that moves at a gentler pace – allowing ample time to enjoy each pose. Meditation and relaxation techniques blend to relieve stress and promote overall well-being.

Discover Yoga

A 4 class introductory series designed for those new to yoga. Learn and harmonize foundational yoga postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and proper alignment, relaxation, and mindfulness. Students are carefully guided in entering, holding, and exiting postures while cultivating body awareness, reduced stress and tension, and a greater sense of well-being. (60 minute class)

Dynamic Yoga

A robust and challenging class for intermediate to advanced level students blending yoga styles and techniques to inspire and motivate you. Classes include centering and meditation, asana sequencing, and pranayama (breathing exercises) for a complete yoga experience designed to sculpt a leaner stronger body, develop grace and flexibility while releasing stress and fatigue.

Early Bird Yoga

Begin your day with an energizing, gentle to moderate practice for all levels. Includes some core strengthening and posture flows. All levels welcomed.

Lunch Break Yoga

A balancing, energizing, and rejuvenating practice for all levels. Specifically designed to target the areas of the body in need of loosening, strengthening, and stretching after long hours of commuting and office work. All levels welcomed.

Prenatal Yoga

A safe and supportive class that will modify classic yoga postures for the changing needs of expecting mothers while connecting mom to her breath, body and baby. Learn more here.

*If recovering or under a doctor’s care, it’s always advisable to first consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise including yoga.

Every time you come to the mat, be a beginner with fresh eyes and an open mind. The experience of yoga is one of expanding awareness and exploring the relationship of mind, body, and spirit.”