Praise for Everyday Yoga

  • “I was very reluctant to try yoga as the classes I had attended before moved too fast. Linda is great with beginners, moving you slowly through the positions and offering “other ways” do the pose if you are not quite as limber as others. She has unending patience and can move more advance attendees into more difficult positions while working with those that are not quite as experienced.” ~ Linda
  • “Linda is a gentle and encouraging yoga instructor. I enjoyed her sessions and how they made me feel physically and emotionally. I heartily recommend her.” ~ Mark
  • “I really like the way each class has a theme, and the way you remind us how to incorporate the theme into the different poses. I have started using the theme idea with my own violin classes, and my students seem to remember what they are working on more easily.” ~ Lisa
  • “I also like the way that you come around and sometimes help us (especially when we can’t see what we look like), but you don’t constantly correct. It’s nice that you can demonstrate, and we can follow along without feeling self-conscious.”
  • “The classes have really helped me retain a feeling of calmness when so much of the rest of my life seems to be in a stressful flux.” ~ Lisa
  • “Linda is a wonderful yogi. With her gentle, developmental approach, she makes each class a unique learning and meditative experience for her students.” ~ Stacy
  • “I like the fact that Linda brings a new theme to each class. It means that her classes don’t get monotonous. All levels of yogis can enjoy the classes side by side, as she shows options for many poses.” ~ Susan
  • “Linda incorporates how to ‘be in the moment’ during our Yoga practice. I find it maximizes the benefits I take away from each class after a busy day.” ~ Alison
  • “Linda clearly and concisely describes correct body alignment to strive for in each pose.”
  • “Linda is a great yoga instructor. She takes the time to explain each pose and breathing technique so that we get the most out of each session and so that we can continue with our yoga practice outside of class. I enjoy every session and find myself adopting yoga practices in my day-to-day life.” ~ Tracy

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