Partner TeachersAnnette Kielkopf

Annette Kielkopf, a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, started her yoga journey over four years ago as a compliment to her mindfulness and meditation practice.  Growing up in a family that integrated meditation, diet, and physical wellness into their daily life, Annette has continued her love for mental health wellness into her yoga practice.  Over the years Annette has delved deeply into the meditative aspects of yoga as well as its role in helping managing daily life stressors.  As a mental health therapist, Annette believes that the practice of Pranakriya Yoga (a direct lineage practice of Swami Kripalu) provides the perfect blend of strength building, flexibility and mind-based wellness.  Her delight in practicing Pranakryia flows through her spirit to each of you.


If you are a certified yoga instructor in the Kripalu, Pranakryia or similar discipline, and have an interest in the community-based classes, prenatal and/or workplace yoga, Everyday Yoga is interested in hiring experienced teachers for its growing team of partner yoga instructors.

Contact  or call 703-302-5850 to inquire about opportunities.