About Everyday Yoga

Linda Dunphy of Everyday Yoga

Everyday Yoga offers yoga instruction where you live, work and play around the Northern Virginia area. Whether interested in a class setting or private coaching, in your home, community or workplace (offices, hotels, conferences), Everyday Yoga is designed to make the benefits of yoga more accessible.

Enhance your overall body, mind, and whole well-being by making the time tested practice of yoga part of your day – ideally every day. Regular practice of yoga can transform the way you experience life.

Everyday Yoga’s Founder and Owner

Linda Dunphy is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance; certified as a Pranakryia Yoga© teacher with a specialty in prenatal yoga; and 75% finished towards the 500 hour advanced Kripalu Yoga teacher training. She is also skilled in working with osteoporosis. She is a member of Yoga Alliance, and possesses current first aid and CPR certifications and liability insurance.

RYT200 (2)


With 20 years of studying and practicing yoga, Linda offers students an in-depth wellspring of balanced and invigorating yoga. She’s dedicated to and skilled in creating an environment of compassion, permission, acceptance and patience while guiding each individual in the experience of being present in their practice and their life. A rich career in humanitarian nonprofit leadership lends to her teaching poise.

Linda’s life is anchored by her devotion to her personal home practice. The mat grounds my life through thick and thin. “From the moment I finished my first yoga class 20 years ago, I intuitively knew I’d be doing the rest of my life.” That same inspiration on her mat lead her to become a yoga teacher. Dedicated to a path of deepening her yoga teaching palette, she devotes to a routine home practice and a commitment to deepening yoga knowledge and skill with every passing year with annual yoga retreats, workshops, and trainings.

As a Pranakryia Yoga© teacher, Linda cultivates a nurturing and attentive class modality, where students learn and practice the basics of simple breathing/pranayama for calming the mind, reducing stress, and fostering a greater inner body awareness; basic yoga postures/asanas that stretch and strengthen muscles with proper warm up stretches for postures, and relaxation poses. Linda’s students receive careful attention to alignment, modifications for physical limitations, and safety (inclusive of props). Each class integrates a yogic theme to enrich and anchor the mind-body connection of practice.

Linda’s interest in workplace yoga stems from understanding the impact of the workplace on mind and body given her 20 years in a successful career in leadership roles. Her interest in prenatal stems from her career focus in the early years of life and new moms and dads. As an avid traveler and biker she is drawn to the combination of yoga and biking as well as simply taking yoga “on the road” to enjoy new vistas and experiences with one’s practice.

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